Easy Rustic Christmas Ornaments You Can Make Cheap

I have got the cutest Christmas ornaments to make and go along with your farmhouse theme. Well actually you don’t have to have a farmhouse theme you can use these ideas with any theme, maybe just need to switch a few things.


All of these costs me 1.50 or less to make, some costs nothing. I have been doing a rustic farmhouse tree for a couple years now. I have a 7′ tree so that is a lot of ornaments. If your decorating a large tree the ornaments cannot be too small or they get lost.  I usually buy a few each year.  However, the cheapest I have found is aroung 2.00 and to be honest I’m not that impressed.

The cuties above were so easy and so inexpensive and they take a few minutes to make. You can look for items around your house or go to thrift stores for some of the items like the pitcher and cow creamers, I paid .99 for the cows and 69 for the pitcher at Goodwill.

The Crate  I bought at Hobby Lobby for .99 and took a Christmas floral pick apart that I purchased for .50 at Joannes. The buffalo check ribbon I used a lot was a piece of scrap material from and old shirt I just stripped.  the metal bucket was .59 at hobby lobby I just added a chalkboard sticker. The dear head was 2 for 1.00 at the Dollar Tree. The dear head is mounted on a piece of wood left over from trimming an oak tree in our front yard. I didn’t want to do the usual old circle piece so I grabbed one cut from an end on an angle.

My favorite of all of these is the corrugated metal monogram letters. I purchased the letters at Hobby Lobby for .97, again just a snip from a flora pick and some buffalo checked ribbon. These are going on my tree and I will use them on packages. K for Kevin  my favorite nephew, (my only nephew).

Beautifully Bleach Pinecones

Bleached pinecones are so beautiful and unique. they can sit in a bowl or you can add a nice ribbon and hang on the tree. They also make a pretty package decoration. 

The pinecones are beautiful and easy. Middle picture is simply a little blue bow glued to a longer piece of ribbon than glued to the top. Next a simple poinsettia glued down than glue the bows finally the bell, And the most obvious put some in your favorite vase or jar.

I want mine to “turn” quickly and be very light so I use more bleach than most. in a 5 gallon bucket or large plastic or glass container pour 1/2 gal. of bleach and about 1/2-3/4 water. place your pinecones in and put something on top of them as they will want to float. I put an old dinner plate on top of them and a weight on that. It takes about 1 week depending on desired color. However, when they are wet they will stay closed and you cannot tell easily. I do about 1 week anything past 2 weeks and the pinecones start to disintegrate. When you are ready dump them out choose a safe place. Not on grass or near plants. I do it in the driveway. rinse them good and set in a sunny location. Keep them in the sun until they open. Your gonna have to watch for rain or snow.

Once they have dried you can add them to a bowl, in a clear jar, tie on a package or hang on your tree.

Here I have some tips for tree decorating. I have a large artificial tree, 7′ also it is very full. I like to use something different for my “tree stand”. this means I put the tree stand inside of something unique. One year it was a large square basket, I’ve done a galvanized bucket, I bought my galvanized bucket for $20 at home depot, if your stand is too wide for the bottome turn it over and cut out the bottom or set on the bottom and cover with skirt to hide your tree stand. An old crock and an olive bucket. I also try and have a tree in all of our common areas like kitchen living room and family room as well as small one in my bedroom. Yes, I am crazy for Christmas.   First thing I do is but the bottom half with the stand in my choice of tree I put it up fluff the branches than let it sit until the next day. You may not notice it but the tree branches actually settle a bit more. Once I have it fluffed the way I like it I begin the decorating. Lights first, don’t just go round and round the tree, go up and down the branches as well. I know this is a lot of lights but the sparkling beauty is worth it. You might have a pre lit tree, I have one and I still add some lights.

Start at top come down the tree in a round and round fashion and go up and down most of your branches, I do every other one. 
3 balls tied together with a floral pic placed behind and tied

When the lights are all settled I add the Garland or ribbon. I like to do the ribbon in a round and round fashion. If you are not using garland you can use tinsel or large poinsettia all over the tree. However, garland, ribbon or flowers fill in the gaps and really add some pizzazz. 

Taking 3 balls and tieing them together with ribbon looks so much better than just one ball. If you do use one ball it will look much better if you tie a pretty ribbon to hang it from. Make the balls stand out more.

I find that a tree with really bare spots looks undone. However, using the “filler” helps a great deal. By filler I mean garland, bows, flowers or anything unusual you have. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. If so please let me know in comments. Also I would love to see your Christmas decorations so please upload a photo.

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Happy decorating,                                                                                                           Kathy